Why Halo Security?

What Makes Us Different

Our Executive leadership team fully understand the complex challenging aspects of providing security in the Chicagoland Area and surrounding suburbs. We utilize our extensive law enforcement background, training, and intimate knowledge of the region to keep our clients secure. Halo Security Group maintains the necessary relationships and resources to provide security for a wide variety of clients and situations.

We at Halo Security Group take time to meet with potential clients and assess all of their security needs in order to develop a customized strategic plan that provides an unmatched level of security. Halo Security Group will not take on a challenge unless we truly believe we can be successful in exceeding our clients expectations.

Our ultimate goal is complete client satisfaction….NOTHING ELSE IS ACCEPTABLE.



Halo utilizes a wide variety of cutting-edge technology for onsite or offsite monitoring, all controlled from a central hub and staffed 24/7 by dispatch and video officers. The Hub is the nucleus of communication for Halo’s network of security officers. Monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, video and dispatch data is received and distributed continually for ongoing review and investigation. The Hub serves as a highly effective command center, allocating manpower to locations needing assistance, serving as backup to monitor officer activities, and supporting our officers in the field.  Personal and business video surveillance systems installed at our clients’ locations are also monitored at the Hub.

Equipped with internet-enabled 360 degree video cameras, our highly visible patrol vehicles capture video footage which is monitored at the Hub, and can also be utilized for accountability or for evidence in situations of criminal prosecution.

Utilizing portable data terminals to complete log entries, incident reports, and more, Halo’s officers send data directly to our clients for quick and efficient paperless reviews.  At our client’s request, our officers may also be equipped with body cameras in order to provide an additional option for heightened security. When you need high-end security services with a personal touch, there is only one company to call.


V.I.P. Protection Services

We at Halo fully understand that navigating through the Chicagoland area safely can be a challenging task at times. Therefore we have taken the time to carefully recruit and maintain a crew of hand picked security professionals who specialize in V.I.P. protection assignments. Our specialists consist of veteran off-duty Chicago police officers and bodyguards who have an in-depth working knowledge of all scenes, venues, nightclubs, and potential threats in the area. We understand that every V.I.P. has his or her own preferences when it comes to their personal protection; therefore we take the time out to personally meet with each V.I.P. or team member to come up with an air tight plan that they are comfortable with and meets their needs. Unfortunately many V.I.P.’s choose to have their untrained and uninsured entourage serve as protection and wind up paying dearly in the end. Please allow us to do what we do best…

Give us a call for a free consultation 312-340-6602


3rd Eye Private Detective Agency

Halo Security Group also maintains its own fully licensed and insured private detective agency. Our investigative branch was established and is staffed by current big city detectives who know how to get the job done. Our vast experience have given us the unparalleled ability and knowledge on how to conduct a proper legal investigation. We are positioned to perform a wide variety of detective services which includes but not limited to…..Attorney Support, Subpoena Service, Infidelity investigations, Workers Comp and Insurance Fraud, Retail Undercover Employee Theft Exposure, Background Checks, Fingerprinting, Paternity Testing, DNA analysis and much more.

Please contact us for a free consultation at 312-340-6602. We got you covered!!



Our Pledge

At Halo Security Group, we are dedicated to transform your security issues into non-issues, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. Expect clear communication, advanced technology, and effective strategies all personalized to meet your specific security needs. We pledge to go above and beyond your expectations in order to protect your lives, property, and interests. We are dedicated to giving you everything we’ve got – every day, every hour, every minute, until the job is done.

Look no further than HALO SECURITY for all your security needs. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or concerns you may have, with absolutely no obligation or heavy-handed sales pitches.

We look forward to providing you with the quality and service we know you deserve.