To do your job and be successful, you need experience, training, and knowledge. This is especially critical in the hyper-competitive world of security services, whether personal, residential, or commercial. At Halo Security Group, we are one of Chicagoland’s top protection firms because of the premium we place on hiring the best security professionals available. Each of our staff exhibits the qualities we demand: a passion for integrity, hard work, and maintaining positive relationships with each client. We do the “grunt work” so you can focus on other priorities. When it comes to all of your security needs, we have one piece of advice. “Relax, we got this.”

Relax, we got this

We expect a lot from our security team. Getting hired is more involved than simply filling out an application. Each prospective team member undergoes deep background screening, a psychology-based interview and vetting process, and must prove certification in specific areas. Experience counts, too, meaning we prefer candidates who have a military background, at least two or more years in the security industry, or off-duty law enforcement credentials. Employment also means our security professionals hit the books as part of a 120-hour training program in the classroom or field before receiving his or her first assignment.

Classroom and fieldwork cover areas such as:

  • Basic criminal justice
  • CPR or related EMT training
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Verbal and personal communication skills
  • Report writing
  • Weapons training
  • Hand-to-hand combat and defensive skills training
  • The use of equipment such as video surveillance devices

Following completion of training, senior-level supervisors or executive-level staff evaluates each employee to determine which assignment suits his or her skill level. We monitor our security professionals regularly, offering constructive feedback to help them increase their value to Halo Security Group and most importantly, the clients we are hired to protect.
When you need a strong, hands-on security presence, rely on our team to provide all your protection needs. To learn more, contact us today or call (312) 340-6602