As a school administrator, the most important thing you can do is provide a quality education to your students, which is not possible unless your school community is safe at all times. This is a daunting challenge, resulting in questions about physical safety and emergency preparedness best answered by trained security professionals. At Halo Security Group, we specialize in providing all manners of safety for your school, including a robust presence on and off-site for monitoring and incident resolution.

Getting It Done Is What We Do Best

In order to provide our clientele with the level of performance they demand, we provide “white glove” security services that focus on understanding your unique safety needs, and develop a customized plan to address threats before they become actionable. Exceptional communication plays a key role in protecting your students, staff, and facilities, while planning and execution brings it all together. At Halo Security Group, we:

  • Develop and implement threat assessments for schools.
  • Deliver custom plans that include a variety of safety components such as armed/unarmed security professionals and access controls.
  • Offer emergency and crisis training for students and staff, including cafeteria personnel, bus drivers, and others.
  • Provide a 24 hour security presence when needed.
  • Provide communication strategies for staff and parents.
  • Perform simulated lock-downs during active shooter scenarios.
  • Provide security for all school-sponsored events, including athletics, musical performances, and other extracurricular activities.

Choose Chicagoland’s Best Security Company

At Halo Security Group, our strength is in the passion, integrity, and commitment of everyone on staff. All of our security professionals are highly trained, credentialed, and experienced in their areas of expertise, allowing them to bring a unique perspective to the programs and services we offer. Contact us today at (312) 340-6602 for more information.