If you manage a financial institution, such as public or private bank, credit union, or brokerage, protecting and growing your client’s assets is your first concern. Unfortunately, today’s league of criminals – experts in cyber theft, social engineering, and identity theft – are more skilled and determined than ever to separate you and your clients from money as quickly and stealthily as possible. But there is an answer: Halo Security Group, one of Chicagoland’s premier security contractors uniquely qualified to provide for all of your safety needs.

Relax: We Got This

At Halo Security Group, we provide highly trained, experienced, and motivated safety professionals for onsite security and monitoring whose sole purpose is maintaining order, property protection, theft reduction, and protecting employees and customers against all threat scenarios. Part of our philosophy is to provide a strong, onsite presence with security professionals who are committed to integrity, honesty, and mitigating threats before they become actionable.

Based on your needs, our team can:

  • Provide security patrols of designated areas, either on foot or in vehicles.
  • Monitor onsite situations which may appear irregular or unusual, resulting in safety hazards or security issues that need to be addressed.
  • Sound alarms or call police or fire personnel as needed.
  • Inform bank visitors of violations of bank policies, which may include loitering or attempting to access employee-only areas, smoking, or using forbidden devices on bank property.
  • Monitor entrances and exits.
  • Observe customers or vendors leaving the property as a means of preventing theft, and ensuring that bank-only property does not leave the facility without authorization.
  • Investigate suspicious accidents, incidents, or other activity, and submit reports as necessary.

Finally, our staff will maintain a professional, respectful, and courteous demeanor in interactions with all bank employees, customers, and other visitors.

Why Choose Halo?

With nearly two decades of private security experience, the company president, has assembled a team of experienced, dedicated security professionals who share the same passion: Providing customized, affordable programs that address all of your security requirements. We are vigilant, powerful, and determined to assess and mitigate threats before they occur. Call us today at (312) 340-6602 for more information.